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CONQUISTA, JESY LYDIA, ENNE EFFE, and SOVRANO(our own brand), goods are made through the technical cooperation with Italy's BESTENTE INTERNATIONAL and got local brand 'WOOL TOUGH' in 1998.
And launched Italian brand 'SOVRANO' in Korea in 2001. In additional made design brand CASHMIRA, CASHLIKE and eco-friendly logo HEATLIKE, ECOLIKE, Green Recycle etc.
JUNGHWA CO., LTD based on these own brands, we will do our best to make better products.

jesi lydia
JESI LYDIA Italian brand meaning ‘Beautiful Woman’.
Our own brand meaning it can express texture and performance of cashmere.
CONQUISTA Italian brand meaning ‘Conqueror‘.
CL cashlike
Our own brand meaning soft and touched and warmth product like cashmere.
WOOL Touch
WOOL TOUCH Our own brand meaning soft and touched product like wool.
heat like
Our own brand meaning keep out the cold boost the warmth.
SOVARNO Italian brand meaning ‘Sovereign‘.
eco like
The meaning this brand is that reduce the heater cause of environmental pollution and boost warmth by wearing muffler.
green recycle
The meaning this brand is that remind the recycling of resources for green energy and renewable energy.